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WINDOWSA FRAMES is our new NAME, created on the basis of the company's long-term EXPERIENCE and the highest QUALITY standards in creating frame constructions for windows, doors and gates of all shapes. Trust the professional team that has been framing your home for more than 15 years! (1).png
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WINDOWSA PROPERTY is the direction of our real estate, in which we have already gained considerable experience and delved into your needs. Successful real estate projects, more than 100 happy families are our way to create modern, contemporary and innovative housing - for people who love life!

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UAB „Windowsa holding“

15 years together!

The new phase of our activities and the directions we have been pursuing for 15 years have dictated the idea of renewal. WINDOWSA holding is a structure in which we will concentrate more competencies. We grew up together with our customers, so from now on we have combined all our activities into one place and become  WINDOWSA HOLDING is a group of companies that pursues the common goal of framing your home.

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