• LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 (ISO 9001: 2015) – Quality management systems.


It is the most popular and universal management system that can be deployed by all organizations, regardless of their size or performance. The compliance of the organization with the requirements of this standard indicates that the organization manages the processes in it, it has tanned the methods of traceability and quality control and strives for customer confidence. The organization’s compliance with this international standard gives it a competitive edge in the market, and business partners are proof of sound business.

  • LST EN ISO 14001:2015 (ISO 14001:2015) – Environmental management systems.

Requirements and guidelines for use

An environmental management system can be implemented by all organizations regardless of their size or activity. The organization’s compliance with the requirements of this standard indicates that the organization manages the environmental impact of its activities, identifies potential environmental emergencies and implements pollution prevention methods.

    • LST ISO 45001:2018 (ISO 45001:2018)  – Workers safety and health management systems.


This standard is not a standard approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). BS OHSAS is a Standard of Occupational Safety and Health Management System approved by the British Standards Institute, which Lithuania has assumed as the Lithuanian standard. A system for the management of occupational safety and health can be put in place by all organizations, regardless of their size or activity. The implemented occupational safety and health management system shows that the organization systematically addresses occupational safety and health issues, identifies and manages hazards at workplaces.


At “Windowsa” we are celebrating  acknowledgment of our business efforts on part of the prestigious “Gazelle” 2020  project .We made our way to “Gazelle 2020” (“Gazelė”  2020) Awards winning nominees’ list and were named one of the most successful and fastest growing  enterprises in Lithuania. “Windowsa” is a trade name that has become synonymous with quality performance both in Lithuania and abroad and our status was confirmed by collecting even four nominations as being judged  from the last year of our activity.

“Gazelle” (“Gazelė”) project purports to drawing public attention to new market leaders seeking for their potential to be discovered and encouraged by granting to them new opportunities to share their ideas and expertise in unexplored, breakthrough areas. “Gazelle” (Gazelė”) is a name inspired by dynamics of processes occurring in wild nature and thus obliges to piloting newcomers in the world of markets and products,  which often is quite a challenge because of significant startups failure rates but which nevertheless is advantageous as it triggers both economical progress and innovations that eventually pays off in the long run by those new enterprises creating new jobs. “Windowsa” is just an instance of growing, flexible, socially responsible and  successfull company .

Earning this assessment means something more than simply good  sales figures. No less important  for evaluating companies are those criteria that imply transparency and openness. The company enjoys its reputation as an industrious tax payer and subdues to the principles of good business practices. Our employment strategy is falling within the scope of our highest priorities and involves setting up favorable conditions for our employees. We try ours best to ensure recruitment in other companies is carried out conforming to above average pay scale.

We are aware that we owe to you – all of our customers and partners – a major part of our success .and are willing to express gratitude for your support and loyalty. We will continuosly push  providing  the most valuable suggestions as well as attractive prices, reliability and the highest quality of customer service!