Bыполнять работы

Republic Klaipėda Hospital and

Panevėžys City Municipality Administration Civil Registry Department

S. Nėries g. 3, Klaipėda; Respublikos g. 25, Panevėžys

(Curved aluminum profile with curved glass, aluminum partitions and automatic sliding doors)
(Aluminum Facade)



Arrest of Vilnius County Chief Police Commissariat

Birželio 23 g.  16, Vilnius

(PVC windows with grates and aluminum facades)



Moigiai (I-th Home) Museum in Panevėžys and the Republican Vilnius University Hospital

Vasario 16 g. 23, Panevėžys; Šiltnamių g. 29, Vilnius

(Wooden windows  restoring window decoration chapters (restored authentication))

(PVC windows and  metal doors)


AB “Kauno energija” boiler-houses windows, Kaunas arts incubator and AB “Linas” factory windows

(PVC constructions)


Order of preachers Vilniaus Dominican apostles St. Pilypo ir Jokūbo Monastery

Vasario 16-osios g. 10, Vilnius

(Wooden windows (pine), arches and doors)

Administration office “Maxima LT”

Naugarduko g. 84, Vilnius

(Oak non-flammable partitions and doors)

Lithuanian University Of Health Sciences education laboratory building

Eivenių g. 4, Kaunas

(Aluminum windows)

Center of injuries and emergency

Eivenių g. 2, Kaunas

(plastic windows)

Wooden and metal  sills

VDU Great Hall  operator and VU Kaunas Faculty of Humanities